After setting the motion grid and sensitivity, user can test if the setting is working or not. Interval between camera rotations. The camera will then be selected for backup. User-friendly interface allows efficient and fast way of retrieving video footage. Clean the unit with a slightly damp soft cloth. The red lines correspond to what time of day footage was recorded.

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See below Live Image display area 2. Green, Red, Yellow 3.


Optimized File System for image saving: Built-in video signal lost detection and watchdog function. And then clicking on Save will display AVI option dialog.

The Eye Client won t display the image even though it is connected. Click finish to complete the installation Once the installation is done, you will see the loading screen like above After installation, go to Power options in Control Panel Lets do that now. After selecting the destination folder, the backup will automatically begin.

It should be set to Keep my computer on as long as possible It will keep the DVR running until 5 min of battery time remaining. Simply enter the Date, Time, and Camera, and click the Go button.


Hisco Dvr-Hisco International Co., Ltd

Multi Connect Setting When establishing a Multiplex link, the amount of cameras viewed by clients may also be established. The information presented is subject to change without notice. About 4GB for the space of C: This instruction will show how to set the Notification. File jisco use status: Once you have finished search and burning, you can now quit to the main menu which will bring you back to live camera view. When the “Quit” icon is clicked the user will initially be prompted with the three choices: Choose the entry and then click OK.

Click on OK after selecting the size. And then clicking on Save will save the image.

X software, the Eye client has to upgrade as well. Book mark current image Function introduction More information. Configuring pre-post frames for Event triggering recording for individual cameras.

Unlike multi dbr function, you can monitor cameras from one single location with channel selection. Set At runtime limit for Shutdown procedure. Alarm feature also can send notification upon the event.


IP Camera Centralization Management. Click to have an entire camera screen to be motion sensitive area. Then click Search button to retrieve any records.

By deleting the registry, you hiscco lose the configurations on the DVR such as schedules, motion, and all other settings.

HISCO DVR? – DVR Cards and Software – PC Based Systems –

The first frame will be viewed on the first division, second frame on the second division and etc. The svr mask will be filled automatically according to your IP address. A bright green color indicates an active server, while a weaker green color indicates a server which is in the process of logging in.