The slanting allows for better cable management to prevent drastically reduced airflow. Outputs for the integrated sound circuit is of course included as well. If you feel a need for extra features you just add some money and buy a IS7-G. As of yet we can only congratulate ABIT for their never ending innovations. We usually begin with Quake 3 so why not today? Updated Intel OSB logo. A network cable of course.

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Lets take a look at the layout which ABIT usually are very good at. Even in MP3-encoding the brute force of Processor power and memorybandwidth is what is important for performance but this time something very inexpected happens. Reproduction and distribution in any form without permission is strictly prohibited.

Abit IS7/IS7-E/IS7-G Bios Driver – TechSpot

The vcore can be increased to 1. Changed the default year to The fastest timings are and the slowest are The compression of the file is highly influenced by the memory bandwidth and the frequency. In a customary fashion we begin by bait with what effective clock frequency the different boards use. With the bracket we can connect up to 6 USB-units and three Firewire units. The slanting allows for better cable management to prevent drastically reduced airflow.


The abit logo is a registered trademark of abit. Outputs for the integrated sound circuit is of course included as well. Bear this in mind if you possess an extra small case. In Advanced chipset Features we have the possibility to configure the memory settings.

Abit IS7/IS7-E/IS7-G 1.0 Bios

With the standard settings the Canterwood-boards perform slightly better than the IS7-boards, which in itself is not anything surprising. Not an easy choice on what card one should choose.

One thing remains and that is how you value performance in money. TechBubbel Podcast — In addition, they are colour coded for easy installation.

The effect of this in FPS has of course been reviewed. The first source of irritation is the biios connector, which many manufacturers still persist in mounting behind the CPU socket, right alongside the back plate. On to the compression tests. Fixed the slow detection problem when HDD simulation card installed.

Digital Home Digital Speakers. This is not the best cooler on the market, but still better than the stock cooling.

Help Need help with Bios Update for ABIT IS7 Mobo

This is within very small margins though. If we just had a little more DIMM voltage to play with, the board would have received a As a conclusion we can say: How does it look if we look at similar offers from other manufacturers?


Switching memory modules with a large AGP card is impracticable. The overclocking possibilities seems to be as good as on the other boards, as you soon are to see.

Two of them are controlled by the chipset and the other two by a separate Silicon Image controller. Most of you have probably already read countless of reviews of these boards by now since, as we mentioned, are a little late out with our review, but we hope that we can make a handful of you a little more informed.

The accessibility is almost fabulously good though. If it comes to the worst, you might have to fetch the Dremel and cut out a piece of the metal to make room for the fan.