Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. I think this more helpful than your original answer ” Check their website: As I wrote in my first reply, I’m an ex windows user and don’t understand how scrips work on my mac. Before installing drivers it works minimally: You made me an happy man. Aiptek Hyperpen u on Maverick No the other way around. I started to code this driver and it’s not feature complete right now.

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Now the pressure works perfectly! Can you please let me know how to handle?

Aiptek International GmbH – Downloads

October 27th, The time now is We’d have to add another snippet to the aiptej. Before you start tinkering with a system that you are new to and admit you do not yet fully understand, may I recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the settings available to you under System Preferences?

I searched on the internet for people with the same problem, and someone on a thread on an 12000u forum seems to have had the same problem new Xorg version?


Does Xorg start with big numbers and go down the list? I reinstalled it, and rebooted twice. What a joyous day!

I assume you’ll be happier with a dialog to set things up. It’s my code I started to develop when I got frustrated looking for the right driver to get qiptek tablet to work.

October 27th, 3. If you find it.

I did have a WizardPen user tell me when he changed the. Aiptek Hyperpen u on Maverick One two! Aiptek Hyperpen u on Maverick Hi naeddyr, Outstanding! Aiptek Hyperpen u on Maverick No the other way aiptem. I know that this isn’t convenient, but it gets you working. Didn’t try uncommenting the core events line.

I downloaded the code and started the akptek. First I telll you that i’m an ex windows early mac user, so I don’t understand several thing in Mac.

As I understand, you are looking for an easy configuration utility. But 1 question keeps me in mind: Changing the “Aiptek class” bit back to “pen” doesn’t cause it to fail is it only a descriptor for humans in the logs? See near the bottom of the Wacom wiki: I only tested this in GIMP, so it might just be that.


Aiptek HyperPen 12000U driver download for Mac OS 9.x

Aiptek Hyperpen u on Maverick Yes, it was installed. This should be changed in the wiki.

October 27th, 2. I renamed the file to aiptek. Jan 21, 3: Then, when you use the nib, hovering is lost, and you can move the cursor only by “clicking” and dragging. I think this more helpful than your original answer ” Check their website: It’s good to hear you are happy with my driver.