Appropriately sized strokes 0. Again, many thanks for your help. It appears as it will be printed. In rare cases you may need to reinstall your driver after an upgrade to Windows It appears to be pure vector hpgl as expected. The job should NOT hang in the printer queue – it should disappear from the printer queue.

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Laser Marking – how can you affordably mark metal parts with barcodes and logos? Peilog is hpgl vector graphics as can be seen from the commands which it contains: At larger linewidths it produces a ‘rasterized’ output.

Epilog Laser Drivers and Firmware Updates

Epilog Laser manufactures the world’s leading laser engraving and cutting systems, proudly made in the USA. You do not need to upgrade your driver when upgrading to Windows The new Windows Vista and 7 drivers from Epilog were only 32 bit drivers and it didn’t work. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The output is attached here. Unfortunately, the problem may be that this is done in printer units, which you may not laswr ahead of time.


This works well with Corel Draw, and that epilkg about it. When you run the extension, the Printing Preferences dialog should appear, which will allow you to specify page size, etc.

The FabLab’s Epilog laser-cutter Mini 24″

This page provides upgrades for your laser system. Machine should do your bidding. We have had this problem for about 8 months as well also with an Epilog laser cutter directly attached to a machine running Windows XP. I emailed Epilog and asked for the command codes, so I can fix the driver.

Orientation should be landscape. I don’t have the option in the print dialog to print to file.

If you have any trouble downloading or installing these files, please call Epilog Technical Support at If not, then just launch a terminal and type ‘fab’. It was committed at rev Appropriately sized strokes 0.

Epilog Laser Firmware and Driver Downloads

Unfortunately, I do not have access to the zing driver, do you know if it is available for free somewhere? Take the example of a box with a letter in it. Any updates would be greatly appreciated. I use the print method and output the letter but not the box.


Check autofocus the first time you print. This worked great for me.

So I did three different printouts and compared them: Then click OK to epillg the print job. Since I do not have access to a true laser cutter, any feedback would be more than welcome.

GSView has some interesting print options, like “Print to Postscript printer”. In this case, rather than calling it “rasterized”, it might be better to call it “discretized”. I would double-check the printer driver settings, or try a different driver as a test. As stated above, the stroke width must be 1 pixel or less in printer units, not Inkscape units. If the pen width is larger than 1, then you will get “discretized” output.