You do this by setting the jdbc. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page. What is the best opensource dbf driver for java? Like the link I posted earlier there do seem to be a few free open-source projects for reading and writing DBF files from Java. Data Source class is com.

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So that sort of leaves you wanting a type-4 pure Java driver for DBF.

udbc However, I think jdbc is more standard maybe some day the dbf will be moved to a “normal” db and I’m testing non opensource drivers. To specify DBF driver’s timeout in milliseconds to wait until other processes or Xbase applications released record lock or table lock. If that value is incorrect, uing rbase directory of JDBC url. XCoder Could you say if there were some special configuration steps involved in getting it to run on 64bit machine?

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

Indicates whether set vree temp directory, Default: The links below are useful but the best description of the file format is to be found on Erik Bachmann’s page in the links section above. You can use null, true, false.

What is the license policy of your beautiful tool? You can specify additional properties to the JDBC driver by placing them in a java. When your code then tries to open a Connection, and you get a No driver available SQLException being thrown, this is probably caused by the driver not being in the class path, or the JDBC url not being correct.


Data Source class is com. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page. On the technical side a text in a corrupted table will not look up correctly from an uncorrupted table, and in the real world if the data is a part of a postal address it might not deliver correctly.

Some applications JBoss, Tomcat etc support a. So you would have to pay money for it however outside of that this is probably the easiest solution and best fits everything else you’ve talked about.

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The language is not very well structured but extremely compact and well suited to its intended use in relational databases making it one of the most rapid development languages out there, even modern RAD systems suffer in comparison in that specific domain. To specify a Character Encoding Scheme dbasee than the client default.

Like the link I posted earlier there do seem to be a few free open-source projects for reading and writing DBF files from Java. On top of that it is in general frowned upon to deliver custom small business solutions that will require maintenance no matter how small it is, since the IT budget for businesses with limited turnover like mom’n’pops restaurants for instance are for all intents and purposes non-existent and these sort of operations in general rely on “uncle technology” for IT support.


You do this by setting the jdbc. But I have doubts: I honestly don’t know. I wanted to say: A fourth generation programming language that started life as the scripting language on the dBase II database software package, and its associated dbf database file format. New investors in the stock market need an watchdog constantly which StockwarePro can do for them, also the portfolio is You can find a Supported Encodings list of file: Thanks, I think the same. So I think your customer needs to pick the option above that best meets the requirements.

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Go to original post. While this is tolerable for web applications and web delivery systems built on those products like Content Management Systems solve this by having tools in the sysops user interface that fix such corruption or bypass the problem altogether by simply jddbc storing Unicode text, it is an intolerable problem for small business fref development. Properties instance and passing that instance to the DriverManager when you connect. I’d be more inclined to ditch foxpro personally.

Does anybody know an opensource jdbc driver for use with Visual Fox Pro database dbf file?