How do I create a file and copy to another directory using 4Test script? DefaultBaseState is invoking Browser”. How can I keep my application under test open after a Silk4Net test has completed? Since upgrading to SilkTest 6. Do I need to record separate window declarations in order to work with the standard menu items and buttons in the IE browser window?

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Is there any way to run SilkTest with a screen saver? Undeterministic behavior occurs if a window class is declared without a tag. Which SilkTest file holds information showing which Project is currently loaded?

IM004:[microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver’s SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDL

Can SilkTest Classic test scripts be compiled from a command line? How can SilkTest run the same test scripts on multiple language applications? Microsott there any alternative to closing a window under test where the SilkTest Close method is failing? How can a JFCTable column heading be clicked in order to arrange the data in according to the header?

Suddenly Getting ODBC error after I run the Latest Windows update

How to programmatically disable the screensaver. Make sure you have sufficient permissions. Can you tell me how I can find Errors in TrueLog?


microsofy Verification failed when comparing two blank fields. How do I make ScriptEnter only execute when it enters a script when using a Testplan? How to reset the Silk Test Workbench Admin password.

Extending AnyWin in myfoo. Can results files be compared in SilkTest? How can I declare a global variable to share data across multiple testplans? After restarting the SilkTest Open Agent it causes the Java techdomain extension to be periodically dropped.

The file will be loaded for view only” when opening a project in Silk Test Classic. What is the difference between the SilkTest Journal and Win32 playback modes?

How do you obtain the size of a record?

SilkTest XPath locator strings are being truncated and suffixed with a wildcard. When I open a SilkTest results file for ldbc masterplan, why have my results changed saying that the testcases are orphaned? Ensure Internet Explorer browser zoom level is correct. How can I overcome the SilkTest error “unable to get properties”? Is it possible to use javascript methods to return information about what is on the browser page using 4Test?

How can I tag a webpage which can be embedded into a Windows application or rendered by the browser?


[IM] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] – My CMS

How can a testcase be created to select multiple but non-adjacent rows in a JFCTable? How can SilkTest click an HtmlText object in the centre? Replay Mode differences when testing Mobile Apps. How do you test an Excel spreadsheet that is opened in a browser page? How can a path within a Test Plan be substituted with a constant? Could SilkTest be used to return a summary of Information about the System that it is executing on?

[IM004] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]

Silk Test is not using the Firefox profile I have specified in my basestate. How do I close a second Browser with SilkTest when all the usual methods either fail or close the main Browser? How do you uninstall SilkTest manually? Why do I get an error “datapack mismatch inconsistent data type” when reading from an Oracle Database?

I don”t want SilkTest to data-drive my case because of the additional code overhead.